Educational Assistance

Opportunities for your whole Life.

Social disadvantage leads to exclusion from education and from participation in social and public activities. This is a very painful experience for kids. That is why the Mittagskinder Foundation not only helps children with their homework, but also supports further educational initiatives which provide youngsters with opportunities to organize their own lives in a responsible manner: for example, through access to books, music, theatre, sports and nature. Many of the children taking part in Mittagskinder Foundation projects come from immigrant families. In these cases the Foundation makes a valuable contribution to their integration into society.

The kids are regularly taken to children's theatre productions. Exciting stage productions can stimulate the imagination and lead young people to organize their own activities, enjoy different experiences and explore new ground. Once a week groups come together to read books silently and out loud. The participants then discuss which books are the most interesting and exciting. In June 2008 the first reading contest within the Mittagskinder Foundation took place.

Children's concerts, organized and planned to meet the needs of a young audience, are very popular among the kids. This is especially the case when the orchestra is made up of children and youths. Those in the audience soon ask themselves: "Could I do that, too?†

With the circus project the children could prove right away that they are able to do it. "With a lot of fun and zeal the children have learnt something that they were not able to do before", the circus director states, "they have learned to use all senses." The sucess strengthens their self-confidence. That's importent especially for boys and girls who lack a lot."

Sport is an important means to get kids to participate. Football is very popular, and playing with others helps to develop team spirit. When the children are able to demonstrate how working together can lead to victory, it makes them very proud. In 2008 we will have the first Mittagskinder Foundation football contest.

An important aspect of the assistance provided by the Mittagskinder Foundation is help with homework. For many it is a very significant development in their lives when they receive support at the primary school level.