A hot meal doesn't just fill your tummy.

When you sit with other people at a table covered with delicious food and talk about things which really interest you, then it's a little bit like being at home. Many children miss this within their own families - some of them sometimes, and some all the time. That's why they need a cozy place to relax: in places where they feel welcomed and protected. The Mittagskinder Foundation uses its funds to make this possible. Socially disadvantaged kids are regularly provided with free meals and expert assistance during the afternoon and early evening. This makes it a bit easier for them to find their way through life.

**Our institutions are open around the year - also during school holidays - from Monday to Friday as well as on a Saturday once a month.

There are a lot of poor children in Hamburg. Many kids lack regular healthy meals. Over 20 per cent of children and youths under 15 years of age live on social assistance. A third of the children under the age of six come from families living below the poverty level: their income is less than half the national average. Social disadvantage leads to exclusion from education and from participation in social and public activities.
That is why the Mittagskinder Foundation also supports educational initiatives which provide children with opportunities to organize their own lives in a responsible manner: for example through access to books, music, theatre, sports and nature. The Mittagskinder Foundation can only function successfully because many people provide help. We depend on individual and corporate donations. Please participate!